WEATHER BLOG: Tampa Observes Earliest Sunset of 2019


The shortest day of the twelve months by manner of daylight occurs on the winter solstice however that is no longer when Tampa observes its earliest sunset. In fact, the earliest sunset occurs at some stage within the first few days of December– environment at 5: 34 PM. 

Whereas that can seem esteem an early sunset, it doesn’t even review to other cities across the nation. Strive living in Chicago the keep the earliest sunset occurs on December 8 at 4: 19 p.m. or Boston with a 4: 11 p.m. sunset. 

Need to you’re thinking that those sunsets are brutal, verify out Caribou, Maine…dwelling to regarded as one of the crucial earliest sunsets within the lower 48 — environment at 3: 43 within the afternoon! December 10 is when Caribou, Maine observes its earliest sunset of the twelve months. The northern latitude and its space on the jap edge of the Jap Time Zone makes Caribou dwelling to regarded as one of the crucial earliest sunsets of the twelve months. 

Some would possibly presumably presumably presumably no longer realize that Caribou shares a the same sunset time as Anchorage, Alaska this time of twelve months. Anchorage’s earliest sunset occurs on December 17 at 3: 40 p.m., honest 3 minutes earlier than Caribou’s. 

Fairbanks, which sits 360 miles north of Anchorage, observes its earliest sunset on December 18 at 2: 39 within the afternoon! 

Need to you steal darkish days then Utqiagvik, beforehand identified as Barrow, Alaska, doesn’t even salvage a first mild this time of twelve months. In fact, the sun will no longer upward thrust in Utqiagvik till January 23 when the sun rises at 1: 04 p.m. and sets honest an hour later at 2: 14 p.m.

So why does Tampa’s earliest sunset no longer fall on the winter solstice?

It has to realize with about a factors such because the thought of the 24 hour day and our latitude. 

Tampa’s latitude plays a ample feature here. Cities conclude to the equator peep their earliest sunset sometime in November. The date of the earliest sunset will get closer to the winter solstice the extra north you go. This occurs as a result of attitude of the sun’s rays  over the Earth’s equator. This attitude varies via the twelve months as a result of 23.4 stage tilt of the planet on its axis. 

The other component affecting the date of Tampa’s earliest sunset is our day size. Did a fair photo voltaic day is no longer exactly 24 hours long? The size of a photo voltaic day varies via the twelve months as a result of planet’s elliptical route across the sun. A photo voltaic day is longer than 24 hours across the winter and summer solstice and shorter than 24 hours at some stage within the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. This model photo voltaic noon and clock noon attain no longer match up exactly via the twelve months.

Which ability that, the earliest sunset occurs sooner than the winter solstice and doubtlessly the most fashionable first mild occurs after the winter solstice. 

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