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Alice Josh – Content Writer

I have been working as the Content Writer for Satire Gaming. I have been playing games since I was a kid and loves to make people love gaming as much as I do.

Contact: (+1) 619-639-4453
Email: alice@satiregaming.com


Andi Marco – Editor

I am the Editor working for Satire Gaming. I love playing games and love to share my joy about gaming with others.

Contact: (+1) 856-767-6644
Email: andi@satiregaming.com


Mona Selves – Reporter

I work as the Content Reporter for the Satire Gaming. I love games and have been playing them since I was seven. I love to provide gaming news to others.

Contact: (+1) 843-821-6780
Email: mona@satiregaming.com


Naira Nance – Author

I am the author for the Satire Gaming. I have been writing for few years now and have decided to work permanently with Satire Gaming.

Contact: (+1) 917-939-3362
Email: naira@satiregaming.com

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