They Are Billions PC Version Free Game Full Download

They Are Billions PC Version Free Game Full Download

They’re Billions is a strategy game which assembles management settlements and attempts to endure from the zombie wave. From the future, culture has been destroyed by a zombie catastrophe. The survivors gathered from the corner of their past days, carefully protecting against infected individuals and living challenging. Within this world, countless millions of infected men and women are drifting. And their objective is the mankind’s settlement.
Fight: New Empire — currently on sale!

Under the direction of this new royal pioneer, Quintus Koreni, recovered the abandoned land inhabited by the infected.

Around 60 hours of game time 48 missions.
Construct fortresses from the region that is contaminated and survive.
Control the Imperial Army to withstand the influx of individuals.
Utilize over 90 technology to fortify your colony.
Send your hero to research the deserted historical human fortress.
Demystifying the fact behind the Cataclysm… How did this occur?
Survival style — currently available!

In The survival mode, the participant must confront a world where case, the weather, the surroundings, and also the amount of infected men and women are randomly created. You have to construct a settlement in this world that could withstand several zombies. This is a fast paced game style. We plan to establish a challenge each week, players may play under precisely the exact same map requirements, and very good players with high scores are going to be on the leaderboard.
Immediate game mechanics with pause

This Is a real time approach game, but do not worry, you can pause the action at any moment and decide on the most effective tactical and strategic decisions.
In pause mode, it is possible to set buildings, give orders into your military, and see all of the info in the sport.
This really is a strategy-based sport which doesn’t have any intention of analyzing the player’s capacity to recall dozens of fast keys and immediately press the right button. The time to really have fun!
Construction your settlement

Building lands and food for the people. They work here and will reside here.
Collecting resources through different buildings and updating buildings increase collection efficiency.
By putting Tesla Tower to enlarge the energy assortment of the settlement, construct power plants and windmills to power your construction.
Building doors, walls, towers and other buildings to shield the settlements and look round, do not allow the infected individuals”take over” your settlement!
Form a military

Who wants to fight with the individual that is infected?
Just the men dare to contend with all the infected. Train or employ mercenaries to guard settlements, you have to supply them with cash and food, and need to endure their envy and complaints, but those battle-hardened personalities will turn into your advantage from the infected.
Every unit has exceptional abilities and character — have to know them!
Exactly the Exact Same display can accommodate tens of thousands of infected components

That is right! Billions of folks! Infected men and women exist in every corner of this planet… they ramble, sniff, listen, and each has its own AI. Make sounds to attract them overkill them to extract petroleum sources, but you should be mindful, more infected individuals will follow.
We now design a game engine which can handle tens of thousands of infected components in precisely the exact same time, accommodating around 20,000 infected individuals in precisely the exact same moment.
Do you feel the payoff is secure? A high number of infected individuals will strike on the wave. I am hoping their strikes can be sustained by your settlement!
Prevent infection

As Long as an infected individual breaks into our construction, residents and employees living in it’s going to be infected. Infected individuals will immediately run to infect more buildings. The disease has to be murdered in time, otherwisethey will grow exponentially and let’s go from control.
Gorgeous 4K picture!

Get Prepared to enjoy super high quality pictures! Our art founders have attracted a Many works of art: every building has its own distinctive, Stunning and meticulous cartoon effects, tens of thousands of frames of Cartoon bring smooth and intense motions, too depicting Victorian Steam Everything of punk in the realm!

They Are Billions PC Version Free Game Full Download

How to Install Game?

1. Click on “Download Game” button.
2. Download “They Are Billions” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

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