118 roosters and hens saved from cockfighting in San Marcos, shelter needs wait on feeding them


HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Hays County Sheriff’s Administrative center saved 118 roosters and hens after a cockfighting bust in Hays County this week.

In step with the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter, it took in the birds but was understandably overwhelmed by the number of them. In a Facebook post, the shelter wrote:

“As you might maybe perhaps be ready to position a question to, we weren’t ready for this number of animals in an instant, and need your wait on gathering additional kennels to retain them separated, as successfully as chicken feed and disposable trays or pans to retain them fed.”

“‘Wow, here is quite a bit more than what we thought we had been going to earn,” says Steven Heath, San Marcos animal protection supervisor.

Heath says the Hays County Sheriff’s Administrative center gave him a heads up in regards to the influx of feathers.

(KXAN/Tahera Rahman)

“They had been in the wait on of fences so other folks needed to develop bet-timates of what number of had been there, so it went from taking into consideration there had been around 50 to prove being 118,” Heath says.

After they acquired the birds, Heath says they called a contracted veterinarian to study the birds for ailments.

“One of the animals had their combs prick off or their spurs prick off,” he says.

The shelter will accept donations to fancy the roosters. You might maybe perhaps be ready to contact San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter here.

(KXAN/Tahera Rahman)

Heath says the birds are at the shelter temporarily; as soon as a salvage hears the case, they’ll crawl to a wildlife rescue, the build they’ll salvage if they have gotten to retain them or place some up for adoption.

“This is able to perhaps presumably prove being a extraordinarily correct ache in the extinguish. It started off no longer so big but here is the finest resolution for these animals and they also’re going to more seemingly lead a mighty happier, longer lifestyles being in the ache they’re going into,” he says.

HCSO says there might maybe be a pending criminal case connected to the roosters.

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