Neighbors exclaim Hamilton Pool is at menace of contamination from proposed RV park


by: Alex Caprariello

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Neighbors in western Travis County are fervent in a proposed 80-pickle RV park at show being regarded as by the commissioners court docket.

They are saying the job is being rushed thru with out security and security concerns of nearby landmarks and most folks.

The proposed Bentree RV resort, an 80 pad web page for recreational vehicles, is situated on undeveloped land much less than a mile from the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

The pickle thought for the Bentree RV Resort. (Courtesy: Travis County)

An opposition neighborhood made up of concerned electorate, called Provide protection to Hamilton Pool, exclaim there are a preference of threats to the pure physique of water including groundwater contamination from septic tanks, chemical runoff into the pool and increased web page web page visitors, mild and noise pollution.

“The ecosystem is fragile, the water is fragile,” acknowledged Angelica Johnsen, who’s an brisk constituent within the Provide protection to Hamilton Pool project.

Essentially based completely mostly on official Travis County paperwork, the project would possibly perchance well be reviewed by the commercial web page thought job, which ensures environmental, transportational and drainage impacts are addressed.

Documents show the Commissioner’s Court docket is brooding about exempting the Bentree RV resort to platting and approving the sort enable on the premise that the the software program is same to assorted subdivision plat requirements.

Alive to neighbors prefer self-discipline with this capability exemption.

“We desire them to undergo the necessities as all people shall with a project this dense,” Johnsen acknowledged.

Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty acknowledged he is actively working to receive solutions that please each parties.

“Anytime that you just can well derive somebody that must return out and produce one thing commercial on the whole generates some kind of controversy,” Commissioner Daughtery acknowledged. “I’m hopeful that we can receive some kind of authorized ground with he neighbors and the applicant.”

Every other most foremost self-discipline for neighbors within the self-discipline are the prevalent drought instances and the chance of a web page web page visitors jam within the tournament of a foremost wildfire evacuation. One neighbors back the roads are all two-lane highways, around 19 toes huge. An addition of 80 mobile RVs would clog up the thoroughfare.

“We recognized mercurial that it would compose a queue approximately half of a mile long, and forestall the 250 Stagecoach Ranch residents from being in a pickle to exit. So we’re very fervent in how that works and the mechanics of that,” acknowledged Chris Stewart, who lives at Stagecoach Ranch.

“We’re no longer right a bunch of offended neighbors. We’re also very committed to the manner forward for this fragment of Travis County and essentially our mission has repeatedly been maintaining Hamilton pool within the most fetch and cleanest atmosphere that I will presumably be.”

Chris Stewart, Stagecoach Ranch Neighbor

Terry Irion, the attorney representing the Bentree RV resort, acknowledged the applicant promises to be a legitimate neighbor to all and is cooperating with every condition the county is requiring of them.

“We’ve worked cooperatively to return up with cheap standards that we would possibly perchance well perchance rep as further instances for issuance of a enable,” Irion acknowledged. “We are trying to be as cooperative as we can.”

The commissioner’s court docket will derive the agenda merchandise again on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

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